About Us

Since 2004, we have been helping secure the UK’s future energy needs by bringing forward sites suitable for the development of renewable, sustainable energy assets.

With our initial focus on wind energy, we acquired a land bank of sites with a potential generating capacity of over 200MW – successfully achieving planning consent for wind farms capable of generating a total ofmore than 65MW of power.

However, in line with the changing emphasis of the Government’s energy policy, our strategy has evolved.

Our core objective is now to identify and develop energy storage projects across the UK and we are in the process of building a land bank of appropriate sites.

You can find out more about our development sites here.

Our Management Team

Vickram Mirchandani, Managing Director

Vickram founded Coronation Power in 2004 with the objective of developing sustainable and economically viable green energy solutions in the UK. With a background in property and asset development, his experience and acumen enabled the company to quickly build a portfolio of wind energy sites valued at £40 million.

Alongside Coronation Power, he also manages a range of investments in other energy and technology related businesses.

Shuves Mukherji, Finance Director

Shuves is a Chartered Accountant with more than 25 years experience as a finance director working both internationally and in the UK.

Having started his career at PriceWaterhouseCoopers he has since specialised in project finance, working with both private investors and leading infrastructure funds to raise significant amounts of equity investment. He also leads the team that takes Coronation Power’s development sites through the planning and inquiry process.