Site Selection

It is critical that the transformation of our energy network is managed sensitively as well as effectively. As a result, we put considerable time and effort into our site selection process.

We work with a team of expert consultants to carry out searches for suitable sites for our facilities, rejecting any that don’t meet our strict environmental and sustainability criteria.

Our site selection process

Step 1: Energy storage facilities need to be close to electricity substations in areas of high energy demand or where there are existing wind or solar farms. Therefore, we use the location of National Grid substations within our search area as our starting point.

Step 2: We use GIS (or Geographic Information Systems) to analyse any potential constraints that would impact on the site’s suitability for a storage facility. This includes considering:

  • the local landscape, ecology and environment;
  • any land or heritage designations such as AONBs or scheduled monuments;
  • the current landuse (our preference is for brownfield or industrial land);
  • flood risk;
  • proximity to residential properties.

Step 3: Once we have identified a suitable site, we enter discussions with the landowner or landowners.

Step 4: If the landowner is in agreement, we follow the required planning process to apply for consent to develop an energy storage facility at the site.